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Student and Hostel life
Medical students of Chengalpattu Medical College are fondly called "CHEMCO's". The biggest boon of CHEMCO's is the limited number(50) of students in each batch. This has ensured close unity among fellow batch-mates and a very good teacher:student ratio. It has encouraged individual attention and increased interaction between the teachers and the students.The college now boasts of a 100 strong “freshers” student population from the year 2012-13.
The hostel life is peaceful with vast expanses of greenery surrounding the hostels, providing the right atmosphere for grooming an ideal medical graduate. Four hostels accommodate the students, with 2 exclusive hostels for the girls. The Under-graduates and Post-graduates have separate hostels, with mess facilities. The much needed recreation for the CHEMCO's is provided by three large cricket grounds, a football pitch, a basketball court, a badminton court, a volleyball and throw-ball arena, and the gymnasium.
The college day and hostel day functions are intra-college events celebrated with zest and zeal annually.
List of Batches from the year 1993 till date
  1. Flinstones '93
  2. Tempest '94
  3. Daffodils '95
  4. Phoenix '96
  5. Titanz '97
  6. Trail Blazers '98
  7. Millinneurs '99
  8. Scintillators '00
  9. Falcons '01
  10. Salubrions '02
  11. 'Samaritans '03'
  12. Patricians '04
  13. Colossians '05
  14. Celestians '06
  15. Stalwartz '07
  16. Zenforianz '08
  17. Krenoviantz '09
  18. Tritonz '10
  19. Rovanzers '11
  20. Centronz'12
Student Activities
Chemfest is an annual inter-collegiate cultural extravaganza held tentatively in second week of September. More than 150 colleges all over Tamil Nadu and India are invited and students from these colleges participate in the fiesta with great gusto. The 21st Chemfest took place in September 2013 in a fantabulous way.
It is an annual inter-collegiate sports event held in parallel with CHEMFEST. It is a very popular and prestigious sporting activity in Tamil Nadu, involving medical, engineering, arts, science and law colleges. The 25th CHEMSPORTS was held in a grand manner in September 2013.
Chemfios is the annual academic meet held at Chengalpattu Medical College, in the last week of August. It was started in 2008. The best brains from several medical colleges, in south India, battle it out here to bag the title. The 6th edition of the CHEMFIOS was rechristened as ChARM – Chengalpattu Academic and Research Meet, encompassing a wide-range of competitions, including the annual quiz.
Chemmag and Chemvibes
Chemmag is the college magazine of Chengalpattu Medical College, where the CHEMCO's portray their literary, linguistic and artistic skills.
Chemvibes is the college's monthly newsletter, which has a wide readership among the medical students of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The foundation for Chemvibes had been laid in 2003, which latter on evolved into its current form - a 30 page booklet - brought out yearly. The first Chemvibes newsletter was released in April 2007. Currently the 4th volume of the Chemvibes is brought out by the magazine committee of the college.
Tamil Mandram and Tamil Theni
In order to nurture and identify proficiency in the Tamil language, every year, intra-collegiate competitions are held, both on and off stage.
Tamil Theni is the Tamil equivalent of Chemvibes (see above).
NSS, Rotaract and the Red Ribbon Club
With the purpose of encouraging social activities in the college, a NSS unit of 50 students headed by a NSS programme officer functions in the college. Regular blood camps and health awareness rallies and programmes are taken up in Chengalpattu District. The Red-Ribbon Club was set up in 2009, to promote AIDS/HIV awareness among the public.

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