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The Department of Physiology is functional since this institution’s induction in 1965. The department has been headed by pioneers in the field of Physiology like Dr. Gajalakshmi, Dr.Shamala Triveni , Dr K. Balasaubramanian etc

The Department Staff pattern is as per MCI norms
Sl.No. Post Name of the Faculty
1 Professor DR.D.CELINE
4 Asst.Prof. DR.S.SUGUNA
6 Asst.Prof. DR.P.SUDHAKAR
8 Tutor TMT.S.UMA
9 Tutor Thiru. SARAVANAN
10 Tutor Thiru. PRAKASH

The Department was started with 50 MBBS students in 1965 and Subsequently it was increased to 100 Undergraduate MBBS students in 2012.The department has two  MD Physiology Post Graduate recognized seats  per academic year since 2013.

Academic sessions include Didactic lectures, Practicals, small group teachings. Student symposium & Integrated teaching with other departments.

Apart from the academic activities Non Communicable Disease (NCD) Clinic is functional under the department of Physiology with its HOD as the Nodal Officer.

Physiology department also has a fully equiped Yoga Research Lab with periodic sessions for students, faculties and ministerial staff

The department also has a Neurophysiology lab, Cardiac autonomic function lab, pulmonary function test, Animal behaviour study  lab.

a)Medical undergraduation           -- MBBS
b) Post Graduation                         -- MD Physiology
b)Paramedical undergraduation ---     i) B.Sc. Nursing
                                                                ii) B.Sc. Radiology
c) Certificate courses                         - Anaesthesia technician
                                                               Emergency care technician
                                                               Orthopaedic technician
                                                               Respiratory technician
                                                               Theatre technician

Continuing Medical Education (CME):
  • NephroQuest – March 2013
  • EMPACE (Integrated Lecture Series & Workshop) – January 2016
  • IMPEL  (CME & PG Quiz) - July 2017
Research activities:
Completed Projects:
1. Functional Evaluation pulmonary TB sequelae patients in tertiary care centre
2. Evaluation of cardiovascular risk in obese individuals based on lipid profile & Autonomic function at         Chengalpattu Medical college & Hospital
3.Effect of smoking on hearing threshold in Pure tone Audiometry
4. Effect of cold pressor test on Type II DM
5. Assessment of Physical fitness by modified Harvard step test
6. Comparison of different anthropometric parameters in the assessment of obesity in PCOD patients
7. The effects of music on pulse rate & blood pressure in healthy young adults.
8. Cardiovascular responses to isometric exercises
9. Evaluation of brainstem auditory evoked potential in migraine patients
10. Evaluation of retinal ganglion cell activity by pattern reversal VEP in type II DM
11. Prevalence of depression among women with PCOS.
12. Anxiety and sleep disturbance – cause or effect in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients.
13. Anxiety evaluation in first year MBBS students.
14. Association of low serum bilirubin and peripheral arterial disease in coronary heart disease patients.
15. Influence of Handedness on cognitive abilities – A descriptive study
16. Influence of late chronotype on BMI and dietary behaviour in young adults.
17. Influence of Haemoglobin level on cognition in young females.
18. A Comparative study of depression among Obese and Non obese individuals.
19. Effects of Visual Evoked Potentials in Myopic individuals.
20. A study to assess the level of empathy among undergraduate medical students
Ongoing Projects:
  • Evaluation of cardiovascular autonomic function in pregnancy induced hypertension.
  • Influence of refractive error and ocular dominance on pattern reversal VEP. Comparative study.
  • Evaluation of lung impairment by pulmonary function test in auto drivers.
  • Effects of lung function test in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus using spirometry and their association with glycaemia control.
  • Spiro metric evaluation of occupational respiratory dysfunction among hospital sanitary workers at a tertiary care centre.
  • Spectral analysis of Heart rate variability during resting and controlled breathing in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients attending tertiary care centre.
  • Assessment of Visual pathway conductance by pattern reversal, visual evoked potential in Psoriatic patients.
  • Assessment of Autonomic status and Neutrophil Lymphocyte ratio in Type II Diabetics and its correlation with their disease duration.
  • Assessment of Auditory Function using Pure Tone Audiometry and brainstem auditory evoked potentials in ambulance workers.
  • Evaluation of the effect of Yoga training and detraining on respiratory muscle efficiency among healthy students.
  • A comparative study of skeletal muscle function in adult men with type II diabetes mellitus and non diabetics.

  • Perceived stress sources & severity of stress among Medical Undergraduates.
  • Comparison of cardiac & pulmonary efficiency while performing aerobic & Isometric exercises in persons of high, moderate & minimal daily workouts.
  • Evaluation of genetic influence in order birth among Diabetes Mellitus Type I & Type II
  • Addiction of Technological gadgets & its impacts on health.
  • Study of effect of acute sternous exercise on haemostasis in young adults using bleeding time.
  • The influence of colour & scent on mood & cognitive performance in young healthy medical undergraduates.
  • Evaluation of the outcome of different modalities of learning habits in MBBS undergraduates.
  • Assessment of Visual pathway conductance by pattern reversal, visual evoked potential in Psoriatic patients.
  • Correlation of Tear fluid glucose, Blood glucose and HbA1c to determine the glycemic index in type 2 diabetes patients.
  • Assessment of Conicity Index in Hypertensive individuals attending a tertiary care centre.
  • Impact on the Cardio vascular status in Shift workers.
  • Evaluation of short term effects of alternate Nostrils breathing on Cardio vascular autonomic function using heart rate variability.
Awards Won:
  • First prize in e-poster presentation at APTCON-2015 by Dr. K. Parveen Bobby (3rd yr PG)
  • Second prize in e-poster presentation at APTCON-2015 by Dr. M. Radhika (1st yr PG)
  • Second prize in e-poster presentation at ENVOCCON-2016 by Dr. A. Shameer Raja (1st yr PG)
  • Third prize in e-poster presentation at ENVOCCON-2016 by Dr.S.L. Kalaivani (1st yr PG)
  • First prize in UG Talent Test at SRM university on “Clinical Haematology” by Praveen Chakravathy. D (1st yr M.B.B.S.)
  • First prize in Intercollege Quiz at Sri Manakula Vinayaga Medical College and Hospital on “Haemrace-2017” by 1. Praveen Chakravathy. D, 2.Sai Saravanan. K & 3.Shriram.R (1st yr M.B.B.S.)
  • First prize in UG oral presentation R.Kiranya 2nd MBBS at THUYIL -APTCON 2017
  • First prize in E – Poster presentation at OBECON – 2018 by Dr. S. Ezhilarasi (2nd year PG)
  • Third prize in Paper presentation at LEMECON – 2018 by Dr. S. Ezhilarasi (2nd year PG)
  • Third prize in APT Quiz at LEMECON – 2018 by Dr. B.S. Meenakshi (1st year PG)

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