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Department of Pediatrics :

History of Department of pediatrics:

               The  department of pediatrics was  started at Chengalpattu medical college in the year 1965as a small unit and presently it has increased its bed strength to 80 inpatient  teaching beds in pediatrics with facilities for post graduate training .  There is a separate  block for  pediatrics and neonatology. The neonatal wing of the pediatric department  was opened by DrRamaniSivaraman, Director of medical education  on the 9th September 1988. Now   There is a separate block for the   sick neonatal  care .The  newCeMONC  building  was inaugurated in the year 2015.At any point of time  about 60  babies of  varied  medical problems are treated in the unit.  The new  Pediatric  block was opened on 11.02.2004 by Hon. Chief minister Dr J Jeyalalitha. There is a separate  outpatient  block,presently being constructed near the pediatric block  which is likely to be completed  in  a few months .The department has an intake of 2   MD pediatric seats  intake from the year 2007 and from the year 2016 the PG intake has been increased to  4 seats per year.

             The  department provides facilities for  holistic  pediatric and neonatal care 24X 7 days, for all 365 days of the year. The department   has  tertiary care treatment facilities  for neonatal  and   pediatric care.This tertiary care pediatric  department  caters  to the needs of nearby taluk hospitals  like  Maduranthakam, Kancheepuram , Cheyyur and Thirukkalukundram.  The department offers general pediatric care,  immunization and  sub speciality care like  pediatric  cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, neurology , nutrition,  endocrine, adolescent clinic, child welfare clinic, well baby clinic, high risk  neonatal follow up.The  NICU caters to the  tertiary care needs of both inborn and outborn  babies .Ventilatory support, exchange  transfusion and    surfactant  therapy are available for the needy neonates in the unit. The PICU  and NICU has facilities for  ventilation, blood gas  analysis, bed side  echocardiogram and  ultrasonogram and other  amenities  for the sick  infants  and children.The CMCHIS  is implemented   in the department  for both  outpatients and  inpatients.

The department is headed by Prof  Dr  J  Sathya . The pediatric  department has  2 units of  40 bed strength in each unit. The  department has the following faculty
Sl.No. Post Name of the Faculty
1 Professor DR.J.SATHYA                                                   
2 Professor DR.S.A.RAVIKUMAR
4 Asso. Prof. DR.K.ARIVOLI
5 Asso. Prof. DR.P.SUDHAKAR
7 Asst.Prof. DR.D.SURESH
8 Asst.Prof. DR.M.DIVYA
10 Senior Resident DR.A.JAGADEESWARI
11 Senior Resident DR.M.SARANYA
12 Senior Resident DR.ATHMARTHAN
13 Senior Resident DR.S.NITHYA

Awards  :

Best paper award  for the paper Low cost interventions  to reduce  neonatal mortality  at the International  perinatal care conference  at Barcelona, Spain  in the year 2001.
Best  paper  award for the Home based newborn care  at the Kancheepuam district of Chengalpattu medical college in the National Neonataology  Forum.
Dr. Shamili, Paper presentation – TOPS and SNAP II PE SCORE As predictors of Neonatal mortality among transported neonates in level 3 NICU Admission, got 1 st Prize  Dr. Jeyam memorial award in KOODAL Neocon 2019
 Dr.Fathima sherly ,  University topper and Gold medal  in MD PAEDIATRICS, University examination 2017 and she got AL Mudaliyar Endownment Award from Government of Tamilnadu.
Dr.Anupama ,  2 nd rank in MD PAEDIATRICS, University examination 2018 .
Dr.Shamili, Poster presentation – Antimicrobial resistance – the burden and challenges, she got  2nd prize in South Neocon 2018.
Dr. Shamili, Paper presentation – TOPS and SNAP II PE SCORE As predictors of Neonatal mortality among transported neonates in level 3 NICU Admission, got 1 st Prize  Dr. Jeyam memorial award in KOODAL Neocon 2019
Dr.Monisha, University topper and Gold medal  in MD PAEDIATRICS, University examination 2019    and she got AL Mudaliyar Endownment Award from Government of Tamilnadu.

Department al activities :

The department conducts  various teaching programme and training programme  for the undergraduate and post graduate students.

Department conducts training programmes for the staff nurses, paramedical  and especially in sick new born care.

The department conducts regular academic programmes for the Post graduates in accordance with the MCI requirements.Conducts  regular case presentations, journal clubs,  group discussions, seminars and CME programmes. The CRRI ‘s  posted  in the department are given  training in BLS and  are also involved  in teaching programmes during their posting in the department.

The pediatric department  inco ordination with the anesthesia  department  conducts  BLS courses for the CRRI during the orientation programmes every year.
The research activities/Publications  of the department includes the following  for the year 2015-16

1.       Linking home based new born care to the existing government health system in Tamil Nadu       - pilot study
2.       A Study on the Clinical Profile Of Scorpion Envenomation In Children
3.       Incidence and Risk Factors Contributing to ROP: Study from Neonatal Care Unit – South India
4.       Transport From The Community and Preterm Survival:Study From A Rural Based Sick Newborn Care Unit: South India
Publications from the department during last 3 years:
  1. Grace DR,Kumar SS,Sathya.Bubble continuous positive airway pressure therapy for neonatal respiratory distress at birth in level III new born unit in Chengalpattu medical college hospital:A prospective observational study. Int JContemp Paediatric 2019;6:906-10
  1. Ravikumar.S.A, Elangovan H,Elayaraja K,Sunderavel AKK,Morbidity and Mortality profile of neonates in a tertiary care centre in Tamilnadu:a study from South India.Int J Contemp Pediatr 2018;5:377-82
  1. Yalaguraswami B. Kolkar*, Madhivannan Sailavasan, A prospective study to determine         etiology, clinical profile and neurodevelopmental outcome of neonatal seizures admitted in newborn unit of Chengalpattu Medical College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu, India, International Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics Kolkar YB et al. Int J Contemp Pediatr2019 Mar;6(2):527-534.
  1. Muhammed Shadique, Madhivanan Sailavasan*A prospective study on cardiac changes (electrocardiographic, enzymatic and echocardiographic) in birth asphyxiated neonates admitted in tertiary care centre, Shadique AM et al. Int J Contemp Pediatr. 2019 Mar;6(2):269-274
  1. Yegnaraman Venkatakrishnan1 , Pugazhenthan Thangaraju2 , Sathya Jeganathan3 , Suresh K Sankaran4 and Rajkumar Kannan, Nutritional status and morbidity profile of children with leprosy contact in a rural community, sagepub.com/journals-permissions DOI: 10.1177/0049475520932193
  1. Diana Grace R.*, Suresh Kumar S., Sathya, Bubble continuous positive airway pressure therapy for neonatal respiratory distress at birth in level III newborn unit in Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital: a prospective observational study, Grace DR et al. Int J Contemp Pediatr. 2019 May;6(3), pISSN 2349-3283 | eISSN 2349-3291
  1. Jeganathan S,Ravikumar SA,Tamilmani A,Parameshwari P,Chinnarajulu AV,Kolkar YB.Neonatal mortality of sick newborns admitted in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Tamilnadu, South India Int J Contemp Paediatric 2017;4:399-402
  1. Thenmozhi M,Sathya J Impact of mode of transport on the outcome of extramural newborns in a tertiary care centre Int J Contemp Paediatric 2017;4:1817-9
  1. Varadharajan.P Kaliyan.A SankaranS.K et al Does fasting and post prandial blood sampling for thyroid evaluation does make a difference in children ?. J.Evolution Med Dent Sci 2017;6(19):1515-1518
  1. Grace RD, Poovazhagi V.Stress hyperglycemia:Clinical profile and outcome in critically ill children. Int JContemp Paediatric 2017;4:xxx-xx
  1. Poovazhagi V,Ravikumar SA,Jagadeeshwari A,Arulganesh,RAJ PS,Anupama S.Anti snake venom induced reactions among children with snake envenomation Int JContemp Paediatric 2017;4:629-34
Post Graduate  Dissertation topics :

1.       Clinicoetiologicalprofile  of acute febrile illness  with Thromocytopenia  in children.

2.       Clinical  and etiological profile of  children with community acquired  pneumonia.
3.       Neuro developmental Status of children aged 6-30 months with Severe acute malnutrition Using      
             BAYLEY  Scale of Neuro development-3rd edition
4.          Impact of HFNC on the need for invasive ventilation among children with bronchiolitis in a tertiary care
5.          A Quality Improvement Initiative to improve the practice of delayed cord clamping in non-asphyxiated   infants
6.          Use of Premature infant Oral Motor Intervention(PIOMI) for improving oromotor function in preterm neonates between 28 to 32 weeks.
7.         A Randomised controlled trial Sangkavi - Efficacy of Skin-to-Skin KMC via Kanga sling over Routine      Skin-to-Skin KMC in Reducing Procedural Pain in Neonates – Randomised Controlled Trial.
8.          A Hospital based study on etiological profile of breakthrough seizurers in children – An observational Cohort study.
9.         Comorbidities and factor affecting recovery rate of children with Severe axute Malnutrition
10.        Impact of Newborn sepsis  calculator in Antibiotic usage among NICU  admission in a Tertiart Care Centre
11.        A Prospective observational study to analyse the preterm phenotypic co relates of neurodevolpmental outcome in preterm neonates < 34 weeks at 12 months of corrected age

Other research activities ongoing  in  the department

1.       Snake envenomation and  its profile  from a pediatric tertiary care center.

2.       Effect of chlorhexidine  application in umbilical cord in  prevention of  neonatal  sepsis
3.       Maternal Yoga therapy to reduce stress among antenatal mothers and outcome of         pregnancy
4.      Effect of pranayama  on child hood asthma. 
Statistics for the department :
2012 54,328 17,521
2013 55,638 12,162
2014 54,720 10,581
2015 59,089 13,726
2016 54,701 12,417
2017 59,819 14,446
2018 57,637 13,229
2019 58,605 15,652
S.no Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings
1 Paed.Cardiology Friday 8am-12 noon
2 Paed. Nephrology Saturday 8am-12 noon
3 Paed. Endocrine Friday 8am-12 noon
4 Paed. Haematology/Nutrition Monday 8am-12 noon
5 Paed.Gastro( Diarrohea) All days 8am-12 noon
6 Paed.Neurology Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 8am-12 noon
7. Neonatology
High Risk Newborn/Well baby clinic
8am-12 noon
8 Immunisation All days 7.30am-12 noon
9 Paed. Asthma Friday 8am-12 noon
10 Thalassemia clinic Monday 8am-12 noon
11 Adolescent Saturday 8am -12 noon

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